An initial evaluation is the first step that I conduct to find out how to help you and your child or teenager. You may be bringing your child for developmental, learning or emotional issues. You realize your child is not progressing. This can be due to specific difficulties like being emotionally stuck, having cognitive processing deficits, or learning disabilities. Other children have several areas of difficulties like language delays, movement difficulties and reduced social understanding, a configuration that can be due to Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorders. Again other children are affected by family changes, have anxious personality tendencies or are not coping with medical problems like Diabetes or Seizure Disorders, to name a few possibilities.

The initial evaluation consists of interviews with you and your child. Your history, my observations, professional experience, and psychological testing help to pinpoint cognitive, academic, developmental characteristics.  I complete an overall assessment of all the psychological factors that have contributed to the current situation. What are the different small pictures and what is the big picture perspective for your child making progress. Then I can show you a different way to look at the problems you and he/she are trying to overcome. Becoming aware and accepting weakness and strengths is an essential starting point.

Often I write a psychological evaluation to communicate psychological findings to others who need to help with bringing about changes. This could include your child’s pediatrician, teachers, or other kinds of therapists like occupational or speech therapists.

Positive change depends on competent care and trusting relationships. That is true for changes within the family or within a person. For some, family treatment is the starting point.  Families members have to work together, but sometimes cannot because of the impact of negative emotions or misunderstandings. Family therapy can help to address this through acceptance and understanding of underlying differences.  For some, individual therapy through play or talking is the starting point. For some teenagers it is easier to let their guard down with a person from outside the family if they can connect and trust. Nonverbal children do better with relating through play to express their feelings and overcome difficulties. Dr Greenspan, the founder of Floortime, once said: “Learning first occurs as part of emotional interactions; it involves the split-second initiatives that children take as they try to engage other people, interact with them, communicate and reason with them.” Even in individual child treatment it is still important to change what happens daily at home, and to help you as a parent approach your child differently.

Length of treatment depends on your needs, your child’s willingness to engage, and how helpful it is to you what I have to offer. For some the initial evaluation and treatment of 3-4 meetings is all they need. However, your child and you may require 8-12 meetings for short-term treatment or episodic meetings.

I see psychological treatment as an alliance between you, your child and me. Together we try to move towards goals that are important to you and your child. Better grades, fewer anger outbursts, better communication, better sleep, more talking by your child, and there are many more, it all depends.

For some it is important to know the psychological tests I use. That includes the following: Autism Diagnostic Interview Schedule (ADOS), Stanford-Binet 5, Bayley Scales of Infant Development 3rd Edition, Woodcock-Johnson 4, Tests of Achievement and Woodcock-Johnson 4, Tests of Cognitive Functioning, and many others.

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